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To cultivate a thriving community in Idaho that fosters an unwavering alliance with Israel, enriched through events and experiences that resonate with different faiths, and backgrounds—rooted in Jewish culture, religion, and values.


Hostage Awareness
Hostage Display Prayer Table

Pastor Dave McGarrah of Deer Flat Church discusses the importance of House Resolution 25 in its advocacy for mandatory Holocaust education in Idaho schools.


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Over 1,000 attend rally in recognition of November 5th,  Idaho Stands with Israel Day.

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Governor Brad Little declares Nov. 5, 2023 Idaho Stands with Israel Day

"My heart is with all of you today praying for peace, yearning for an end to senseless suffering, and hoping for a future safe from hatred and violence. It’s what every person deserves. As Boise’s mayor, it has been my honor to walk in solidarity with our Jewish neighbors: celebrating your contributions to our community, honoring your traditions, and speaking out unequivocally against antisemitism and hate speech. I stand in steadfast friendship with Boise’s Jewish community today and every day. You are a vibrant, beloved, essential part of our city for everyone."


- Boise Mayor Lauren McLean

"The Idaho Republican Party is deeply saddened and concerned by the recent escalation of war in Israel. We strongly condemn the raw barbarism of the terrorist group Hamas and their murder of innocent men, women and children. . We firmly stand by Israel’s right to defend itself against these demonic acts and Israel’s actions in response to such threats are entirely justifiable."

- Idaho GOP

"We reject antisemitism, abroad and also at home. Our Jewish friends and neighbors enrich the fabric of communities across Idaho and we stand with them. Our hearts are with the families of those lost to violence on and since October 7th. We yearn for the safe homecoming of the hostages and for lasting peace in the region."

​- Idaho Democratic Party

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