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Click the "start now" button below on Dec 15th at 4:30pm MST to view the video from our Rabbis across Idaho.  We are one united community!

The link below will be active by Friday at 4:30pm MST


Instructions for lighting the candles

1. At 4:30 (MST) on Friday, Dec. 15 set up candles in a row  (the blue one for the hostages/Israel and two white ones for Shabbat).
>>Candle Lighting Times around the world<<

2. Click on the "start now" button to hear the unifying message from our Rabbis and congregations in Idaho.

3. Light the blue candle and say the Hostage and Israel Prayers along with the Rabbis. 

4. Take a picture so you can share it on social media with the tags #IdahoSupportsIsrael and #YouBeTheirLight.

5. Switch off from technology before lighting the white candles.

6. At 4:51pm (MST) light your Shabbat candles in unison with us all over the world.

7. Use you hands to shield your eyes and recite the blessing shown in the prayer below for lighting the Sabbath candles.

8. Say, "Shabbat Shalom" along with your entire community!


The prayers on the left side of each image are specific to Chabad congregants while the prayers on the right side of each image below are specific to Reform congregants. You are free to recite either. Be sure to click (or double click) on each image below to expand to a full view of the text.)

Light 'em up
for Israel!

Celebrate Shabbat with the world, pray for our soldiers, and pray for the safe return of ALL the hostages!

This event will begin at 4:30pm MST on December 15th as you join our Idaho Rabbis (via a recorded message) on this website and we will be inspired by them as they share their prayers for Israel, the hostages and direct us to disconnect our technology and light our Sabbath candles together with Jews and our allies across Idaho and the world!

Our places of worship (Chabad, CABI, Temple Emanuel, and Wood River Jewish Community) have made arrangements for you to receive the Light 'em Up for Israel candle lighting kit. If you do not have a kit, simply follow the instructions on this page. If you'd like a prayer card for the future, please reach out to us at the email address below.

The idea is that we are engaging in this same candle lighting across the globe, praying together. 


Join us live on Facebook at:

Any questions? Please contact the Idaho Supports Israel Coalition at

Please sign up to receive our emails and get involved here:

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