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Menorahs Everywhere!

"Local group sets up giant Menorahs around the Treasure Valley in celebration of Hanukkah" -- KTVB7

Check out our news coverage as KTVB7 interviews our own Dan Berger about the giant Menorahs being proudly displayed all over Treasure Valley as a sign of freedom, light and unity. 


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"It's been a pretty dark time for the Jewish people since [Hamas attacked Israel on] Oct. 7. There are places all throughout the United States where Hanukkah decorations are essentially being canceled," Berger said.

"The reason for that is because people are worried that it might invoke some antisemitic rhetoric or crime. So, they're opting for putting on a little down low."

The coalition, in partnership with The Chabad Jewish Center, is choosing a different path - proud, public representation.

Throughout the eight days of Hanukkah, the coalition placed menorahs at multiple locations to share the holiday. That effort includes businesses around Boise, The Village at Meridian, Eagle City, and more.

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The Idaho Supports Israel Coalition is hosting a Menorah lighting, Saturday at sundown on The Grove Plaza. This will follow the Menorah Car Parade which starts at the Chabad Jewish Center. 

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"It's always hard to be next to a Christmas tree because it's such a beautiful symbol of the holiday. We don't want to eclipse that," ISIC Founder Dan Berger said. "We want to make sure that Jews in the community feel comfortable knowing that they can celebrate their holiday and pride."

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"It's about a miracle that lasted eight days, as opposed to just a little oil that was supposed to last for one night. It tells me that even though times are pretty dark for the Jewish people, there is light, and that's why we want to bring light to all of Boise and put up menorahs all over town," Berger said. "There are Jews here and folks who are allies and celebrating with us."

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