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We Stand With Israel classical music concert - November 18, 2023

Classical music concert in support of Israel - Meridian First Baptist Church

On November 18th, 2023 Meridian First Baptist Church hosted a public event called "We Stand With Israel". As people entered the lobby of the church the lights were turned down and they were met with the moving display of the hostages lit only by tea lights. 

Pastor Randy Cook (Meridian First Baptist Church), started the evening off with a deep and meaningful welcome.  The night included captivating speakers and amazing musical expressions, from Idaho and Israel, in English and Hebrew ... wrapped in prayer and Scripture. Both Jew and Gentile shared a special evening to support Israel together, praying for the peace of Jerusalem, the hostages, and G-d's chosen people.

Pastor Randy lived in Israel for many years and remains very connected to the land through missions and missionaries. His passion made this evening possible and we are so grateful!

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